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Maintaining your system is essential to keep your heating and air conditioning system functioning at full efficiency and capacity. If you don’t do regular annual maintenance you could lose your manufacturer’s warranty. A system tune up does more than keep your system clean, it keeps you and your family safe, lowers your energy costs, and extend the life of your system.

Bigham’s One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning provides more than just the best heating and air conditioning maintenance, repair & installation in the bay area. Our mission is to be the leading and most trusted Home Service Provider in our industry. Through exceptional customer service: 100% customer satisfaction is always guaranteed


Heating and air conditioning systems run on either gas or high voltage electricity, it is important to have your tune-up to make sure that your system is running safely. A tune-up will verify that there are no gas leaks, no electrical short circuits, and also find any issues that must be fixed to prevent any hazardous issues.

Efficiency Saves Money

Your system is a sophisticated system designed to run at the highest possible efficiency by the manufacturer, to maintain this efficiency it is necessary to keep your system tuned and in the best condition possible. A tune up will increase your efficiency over time and lower your energy costs.

Extended Life

Having your system maintained annually will contribute to a longer lasting life expectancy. Components are less likely to break down or malfunction and any major issues are more likely to be prevented early on before they develop into costly repairs and unnecessary strain and stress on the whole system.

Reviews From Our Clients

Madeline W. on 07/06/16

Mark R was such a large help to us. He was very knowledgeable, new everything about my heater and fixed it, told me how to maintain and all around guy. I give him more than 5 stars. He represents his company one hour heating & air conditioning – North Bay very well.

Jean N. on 06/23/16

Mike Pags is an excellent representative of his company. Prompt, respectful, and cool as a cucumber! A regular maintenance call presented with a snag, a big snag, and he never lost his cool. With a calm temperament, he was able to think creatively to resolve this challenge, all the while answering my incessant questions! Company should be proud of this employee, and know he represents them in them in the best light.

Toby M. on 06/16/16

Javier A did a furnace tune-up for us this week. He was thorough, professional and very helpful. He also cleaned out one duct and register that had odors and we were concerned about, and gave us clear explanations of the issues that we might face with an older system. I am happy to recommend him and am studying his company’s proposals for future preventative maintenance.